( Live Video Call ) Anniversary Special Guitarist (20-30 Mins)

How does this work?

  • Order is Booked Online
  • The Guitarist contacts the Sender and takes down the list of the songs to be played
  • Guitarist arranges for a WhatsApp Video Conference Call with Sender & the Recipient
  • The Guitarist plays the songs on the Video Call

Suggested Songs as per the occasion:

  • Ae mere humsafar
  • Sanu ikk pal chain na aave
  • Jab koi baat bigad jaye
  • Tera ban jaunga
  • Tum hi ho

Please Note:

  • You can choose 3 songs from the above list or give 3 songs of your choice
  • The Guitarist would sing the songs till the first paragraph only (first antara)
  • The guitarist would know most of the popular songs. The playing time is for 10 to 15 Minutes only.

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